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Biffa makes OneCall, for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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Leading waste firm Biffa has launched its new emergency waste removal service with a quartet of Mercedes-Benz vans.

They arrived along with 41 other vehicles, a combination of Sprinter, New Vito and Citan models, via the Wellingborough branch of Dealer Intercounty Truck & Van.

Supply Chain & Logistics Category Manager, Will Gallagher said, “We’ve operated Mercedes-Benz vans for many years and know from this experience that they won’t let us down. The Sprinters also look extremely smart in our new livery, and if Biffa OneCall takes off as quickly as we believe it will, we’ll soon be adding more to the fleet.”Sprinter 313 CDI - Biffa OneCall (11)

In addition to the four Biffa OneCall vehicles, Intercounty Truck & Van has supplied its high-profile customer with 15 Medium-length Sprinter 313 CDIs, six New Vito 111 CDI crew vans, four New Vito 111 CDI vans, 10 Citan 111 CDI Longs and six Extra-long Citan 111 CDI crew vans with second rows of seats, allowing each to carry a driver and up to four passengers.

Mr Gallagher explained: “Mercedes-Benz Vans’ Strategic Account Manager Carol Kirk put together a very attractive package, while Intercounty’s Fleet Van Sales Manager Mark Stockham held our hand throughout the specification and delivery process, even organising the application of the livery for us. Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”