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Speedliner Europe Ltd was the first company to introduce a versatile spray-on truck liner to thee UK, back in 2000.

sprayliner1Since 2011, Speedliner have supplied their own unique and exclusive, high-quality product brand name urethane spray polymer – known as Speedliner Euro HS.

Speedliner Euro HS provides a thick, incredibly tough, hard rubber / polymer coating for application on new pre-painted metal surfaces, wood, fibreglass and bare metal. The spray-on liner means that there is no loss of cargo space, will prevent the load bed from rust and corrosion and being a high quality polymer will not crack or warp like some plastic drop-in liners have a tendency to do and the textured finish gives a practical anti-slip, easily washable surface for load carrying and a unique aesthetic finish too.

The spray polymer provides a quicker ‘drying’ and curing time and a lower VOC level that is well below the EU legislation required.

spraylinerSpeedliner Euro HS spray liner presents a more custom look than the standard black moulded plastic drop in liners having over 25 different stock colours available, including metallic’s. Customers can even request their own custom colour giving their personal or business pick-up trucks the ultimate customisation or business livery appearance.

Speedliner Europe Ltd also offers their Speedliner Euro HS/ HC (Hygiene Coat) spray liner option that was the first and only long life, inclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray liner coating available for vehicles of all types in the UK and Europe offering 21st century vehicle hygiene control.

Speedliner Euro HS/ HC is very often requested for applications to pick-up trucks that may carry police, security services and other high value specialist ‘working’ dogs as well as for many other specialist animal services to give the carrier vehicles an extra level of hygiene protection and bacterial cross contamination prevention.

The various Speedliner Europe Ltd products are also available via authorised Co-Distributors and their enlisted authorised Dealers/Application Centres across several parts of Europe.


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