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Stedall supply a vast range of commercial vehicle body fittings, from rubber buffers and vehicle roof ventilators through to handrail fittings, draught excluders and fire extinguishers.

stedall websiteTheir comprehensive stock holding of over 3,000 product lines ensures that they are able to provide their worldwide customer base with the right level of service. Innovation is key to their business, therefore you can always find many new products featured on their website.

As specialists in commercial vehicle fittings they can advise on the latest technology, for example powered door systems and vehicle access steps, automatic fire extinguishers and LED lighting. Their staff can often find innovative solutions to the most demanding of requirements.

Stedall (Vehicle Fittings) Limited: BADMINTON ROAD TRADING ESTATE, YATE, BRISTOL, BS37 5JS

TEL: +44 1454 319524

FAX: +44 1454 312077