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Boss’s CV | Mike Furnival | Managing Director – TIP Trailer Services |

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Name: Mike Furnival

Mike Furnival

Mike Furnival

Company: TIP Trailer Services

Job: MD

Age: 52

What was your first ever job?

Minding cars outside the old Victoria Ground in Stoke.

How did you get into the commercial vehicle business?

By mistake… Like most people that I know…

What does your job entail?

The overall management of our interests in the UK and Ireland. However, I am blessed with a fantastic team of self-starters who have unrivalled expertise in our field.

How will your job/business change over the next two years?

The challenge is to profitably refresh our fleet and continue to provide the best service experience in the industry.

What other jobs have you done?

I’ve been in the trailer business since 1988, but had a few years in Torremolinos selling tickets for beach parties. It was the perfect training for a career in the transport industry.

What advice would you give to young people joining the industry?

I’m delighted to say that this industry continues to be about the ‘people’. The characters and the DNA of its’ human components make our industry so enjoyable to work in. Get Involved.

How do you relax?

I was going to say watching Stoke City but, on reflection, I’m rarely relaxed through the 90 minutes. Golf, travel and socialising tick the boxes for me.

Favourite holiday destination?

I loved Rio for the World Cup, but you can’t beat the west coast of Barbados, on a sunbed, with a ‘red stripe’ and a good book.

Favourite book/film?

I watched ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ when I was in my teens and never forgot the story, or the music score. I hated English Literature at school until I read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ at the age of 15. It transformed my interest.

Favourite music?

My iPod would completely confuse you but I’m a bit of a ‘soul boy’ dinosaur really. Northern, Marvin Gaye, 70’s jazz funk… Like I said, dinosaur!

First car and cost?

G reg (’68) Mini – £380 in 1985. I scrapped three months later!

Dream car?

Anything with a sunroof. Like I said, dinosaur 😉