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In The Headlights | Will Davey | Director of Truck Sales at S&B Commercials Mercedes-Benz

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This month’s “Family Guy” lounging around with his 2.2 kids and a dog in our 3 bed semi, is Will Davey, Director of Truck Sales at S & B Commercials Mercedes-Benz. Seems he has a strange taste in Ginger Beef…

Will Davey, Director of Truck Sales at S & B Commercials Mercedes-Benz

Will Davey, Director of Truck Sales at S & B Commercials Mercedes-Benz

What is your current job position?

Director of Truck Sales – S & B Commercials.

Quite a big wig then! What is the strangest or most challenging job you’ve ever done?

Running my own transport logistics company.

Glutton for punishment! What would be your dream job?

International based job in the truck business.

If you had your time again, would you have followed the same career path?


Indeedy! If you had been reincarnated, who or what do you think you were in a past life?

Prolific sportsman.

Probably none of the above! And what do you think you deserve to be in the next?

You’ve already done that! If you could invite any four people to a dinner party, living or dead, who would they be – and why?

Richard Branson – for this business ethics / view point.

Margret Thatcher – view on the 70/80’s.

Chris Evans – all round nice guy.

Ian Botham – cricketing hero.

On the menu, Ginger Virgin Beef with a side order of Iron! Yum Yum! What is your most irritating habit?

Won’t back down. See things in black and white.

Bit like the thin one in Laurel and Hardy! Best corporate jolly or incentive?

Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, Memphis, Tennessee – 2002.

Lucky devil! What are your passions outside the workplace?


Good on you sir! If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

George Clooney.

Is that with a silent C! Who would be your dream date?

Kym Marsh.

Deal! Describe yourself in five words.

Team player, committed, focused, driven, ambitious.

Write your own eulogy/tribute.

Hard working family man, successful. I would like to be remembered for my values.

We think you’re priceless!!!!


Dog or Cat? Dog

Beer or Wine? Wine

Football or Rugby? Football

Pans people or Hot Gossip? Hot Gossip

Benny Hill or Morecambe & Wise? Morecambe & Wise

Magnificent 7 or Pulp Fiction? Magnificent 7

Night club or restaurant? Restaurant