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Volvo Trucks’ UK dealers Achieve 96% First-Time MOT Pass Rate In 2014

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Volvo Trucks’ UK Dealer network achieved a record breaking MOT ‘First-Time Pass Rate’ of 96% in 2014.

volvo MOT_smallThe result for 2014 represented an improvement of 1.1% on that for the previous year, which was itself a record.

At 96%, the Volvo Trucks’ UK Dealer network MOT ‘First-Time Pass Rate’ was 13.9% higher than the UK National ‘First-Time Pass Rate’ for all makes, which was 82.1%.

The overall MOT ‘First-Time Pass Rate’ in the Volvo Trucks’ Dealer network in the month of December was 97%. This was marginally less than the highest monthly figure of 97.4%, which was achieved in January 2014.

Notable top achievers of ‘First-Time Pass Rate’ in December included Crossroads, Birstall, Thomas Hardie Commercials, Deeside and Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia, Bardon. These Dealerpoints carried out a total of 122 tests during December 2014.