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Is Your Trailer Harming Your Marketing Plan?

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Messy-looking locking gear on trailer rear doors could do a brand more harm than good, warns Schmitz Cargobull.


When motorists spend so much of their time looking at the back of a trailer on the road, many firms are missing a trick by allowing locking bars to distort their branding, or preventing the sale of the space for advertising, said Paul Avery, Managing Director, Schmitz Cargobull.

Avery said: “Companies look to keep costs low and it’s therefore commonplace to see dry freight trailers with rear doors sporting conspicuous locking gear. While these doors might work absolutely fine on a practical level, at a time when everyone is ‘brand savvy’, the results can lead to a lacklustre livery, which won’t benefit a business. They can be a marketing department’s worst nightmare!

”Fleets could be missing out. The back of a trailer is prime advertising space – so by making sure it’s as attractive as possible, it could be much easier to use that space to profit.”

An easy and practical solution is to specify flush doors – often an ‘extra’ on a trailer, although Schmitz Cargobull provides these as standard on all its curtainsider models and its FP25 dry freight box van trailer.