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Low Weight DAF Delivers Higher Payload For Arclid

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Arclid transport have halved their tank of fuel by choosing a DAF CF mid-lift axle FTP model, along with fitting alloy wheels – resulting in a weight of just 7,780kgs.


Peter Conway, Transport Manager at the Cheshire company, said: “This is the first Euro 6 vehicle in our 25 strong fleet and I’m very pleased that DAF have been able to provide us with a tractor unit that meets the new emissions standard yet comes in at a very good weight. As a result and based on good experience since we first introduced this model in 2009, we’ve now made the FTP our standard when it comes to choosing tractor units.

“We’ve also now adopted the practice of fitting the blowing and tipping equipment to the tank rather than the tractor and this brings several benefits. It reduces the weight of the tractor, allows us to use the trailer with other tractors that are not fitted with a PTO, such as sub contractor vehicles, and cuts our fuel costs because we can use red diesel in the JCB donkey engine and there’s no idle running of the truck engine. Add to that the excellent payload we get from this configuration and we have a very productive and hopefully more profitable vehicle.

“With the tractor coming from the factory painted in our distinctive purple livery, we had only to add a white stripe and lettering to achieve a real head-turner of the truck that presents a great image for our business.”