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Volvo Trucks Continue with Viral Videos

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Volvo Trucks are continuing their series of ‘virals’ – videos that promote their brand by being so good people want to send them to others.

The latest is titled ‘The Epic Split’, where film legend, Jean-Claude Van Damme performs one of his world-famous splits between two Volvo FM trucks as they are driven in reverse.

The point of the whole escapade is to demonstrate the qualities of the Volvo Dynamic Steering system.

The system improves precision and stability in any driving situation. It works through an electronically-controlled electric motor that is adjusted around 2,000 times per second to create highly precise steering.

Volvo claim that the stability and control are so good that you can reverse a truck over a long distance with very high precision.

The electric motor also automatically regulates the steering and compensates for irregularities that feed through to the steering wheel, such as side winds or bumps in the road surface. As a result, the need to constantly make small adjustments to the steering is greatly reduced. In addition, Volvo Dynamic Steering – when released – will also automatically return the steering wheel to its starting position, further reducing strain on the driver.

In the film ‘The Epic Split’, it is Volvo Dynamic Steering that enables the two drivers in the trucks to maintain the exact same distance and speed while travelling in reverse.

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