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In 2006 FSX developed Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning equipment in a response to our need to clean DPFs. With an active research and development program, combined with professional pride, FSX offers the greatest depth of knowledge about cleaning DPFs.  FSX manufactures equipment with the best cleaning technology available in the marketplace.  Our equipment is patented in the United States and currently has a patent pending in Europe and several other countries.  These are the same time-tested machines used in our own cleaning facilities, as well as approximately 600+ OEM dealers, fleets and transit authorities worldwide.  FSX distributes DPF cleaning equipment to the trucking, transit, off-road, railroad and power generation industries.   With the high cost of a new DPF, diesel engine users worldwide have come to depend on FSX Equipment to preserve their investment.

fsx3The FSX system continues to be the #1 choice of major OEM’s because our system consistently gets the filters at least 15-25% cleaner than any other system on the market.  The FSX system was tested independently by engineering teams from almost all the major OEM’s with consistent superior results.  With our experience cleaning DPFs we understand the importance of a quality cleaner and take pride in building reliable machines.

FSX has gained a wealth of knowledge from cleaning DPFs which helps to support our customers with a strong research and sootashdevelopment team.  The DPF is an effective filter to remove the particulate matter (PM) from the air we breathe but it is important to maintain it to keep the filter efficient and reduce any downtime for the vehicle.  A clean filter improves fuel efficiency and increases horse power.

Unburnable ash that accumulates in the filter can cause problems if it is not cleaned out regularly.  This is where the FSX technology sets our system apart from others on the market.   Our TrapBlaster is the only DPF Cleaner with bi-directional air knives that target every dirty cell by blasting the surrounding cells with air to penetrate all four walls of the dirty cell. At the same time the second air knife is working to agitate the ash from the dirty side.  Our air pressure test bench has become an industry standard and is the tool of choice to diagnose good and bad filters.


The FSX system is the ONLY system with:

■  Bi-directional air knives    ■  Visible Cleaning process

■  Defect diagnostics     ■  Accurate air flow test


The FSX system consists of 4 machines to clean, test, regenerate and provides safe particulate collection for the working environment.


TrapBlaster – Pneumatic Cleaner  trapblaster


  •   Bi-directional scanning air knives
  •   Cleans each cell (leading to increased filter life)
  •   Fully adjustable for filters up to 21” diameter and 36” tall
  •  Visible Cleaning Process
  •  Visible detection of cell wall failure


SootSucker – Dust Collectorss

  •  Two-stage filtration with HEPA
  •  Self-cleaning for increased filter life
  •  Quick & easy disposal
  •  Keeps your employees safe



TrapTester – Filter Testing

  • tt  Accurate pressure measurement
  •  Baseline comparison
  •   Identifies defective filters
  •   Only industry standard airflow test bench



TrapBurner – Thermal Regenerator

  • tb  Helps recover difficult filters
  •   Simple and reliable operation
  •   Pre-loaded FSX programs heat to OEM specifications
  •   For filters up to 16” diameter  x 27” high
  •  Expandable to accommodate more DPFs


We invite you to visit our website at to explore our products and knowledge about the DPF.   FSX Europe can be reached at +48-609-00-1418 or [email protected]