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I-See extendedVolvo Trucks is already introducing a new version of I-See, their system in the new Volvo FH that saves fuel when driving in hilly terrain before the first trucks even hit the road.

The new version remotely obtains up-to-date information about the road’s topography from a central server, so all trucks with I-See have access to the same fuel-saving information.

“Your own truck need not have driven on a particular hill even once – it will still be able to reap the full benefit of the system’s potential. It’s sufficient that someone else with I-See has covered that same stretch of road,” says Christer Pehrsson, Business Area Manager for Long-Haul Operations.

I-See can be likened to an autopilot that takes care of gear selection, acceleration and engine braking on hills in the most fuel-efficient way possible. The fuel saving for the long-haul transport operators may be as much as five per cent.

The first time a truck equipped with the new version of I-See drives on a hilly stretch of road, information about the local topography is transmitted wirelessly to the Volvo Trucks server and not just stored locally in the truck’s memory, as it was in the previous version of I-See.

Therefore, when another truck with I-See drives on the same stretch of road, the system automatically receives topography information from the server and makes sure gear-changes, acceleration and braking take place fuel-efficiently the very first time it gets to the road.

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