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| THE BOSS’S CV | CV Dealer 131 January 2013 | Kevin Griffin | CV Director Ford of Europe |

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We talk to recently promoted Kevin Griffin who takes on the top commercial vehicle role at Ford of Europe.  He has a tonne of new vans in his range – how did he get to this place?

Name: Kevin Griffin

Company: Ford Motor Company

Job: CV Director Ford of Europe (from Jan)

Age: 54

What was your first ever job?

Well to be honest my first venture into paid employment was in football. After my school won the National Schools Trophy I was lucky enough to be involved with three professional clubs. However at the advice of people around me I carried on my education rather than become an apprentice at 16. By 19 my professional football career was over and I then played Senior Amateur until the age of 26.

How did you get into the commercial vehicle business?

As soon as I joined Ford Motor Company I sold cars and commercial vehicles. I was involved in heavier trucks as we sold Cargo in those days!

What does your job entail?

The Marketing and Sales of all Commercial Vehicles for all European markets. Product planning, business plan validation, launch and sales.

How will your job/business change over the next 2 years?

We have the largest investment in Commercial vehicles ever! I am going to be busy.

What other jobs have you done?

After the football involvement I had a great career in Ford Motor Company Ltd. Sold cars and commercial vehicles to Diplomats and Embassy’s, to British Overseas Forces, sold Mustang and Australian Monarch’s in the.UK,  Advertising, vehicle programming, rental cars and commercials, launched Ford Direct our used car brand, launched Galaxy, Explorer, Puma, Cougar in the UK, ran the Scottish and Northern District office, Fleet Director for 9 years, now Commercial Vehicle Director for Ford of Europe.

What advice would you give to young people joining the industry?

Listen to your customers and translate your strategy into something your customers can understand, enjoy and benefit from. Make friends along the way and have fun!

How do you relax?

Love sport and music, play guitar.

Favourite holiday destination?

The next one!

Favourite book/film?

Mr James Bond to take me away from reality

Favourite music?

Mr Clapton on guitar Mr Robert Plant on vocals

Canon by Pachabel

Anything live!

First car and cost?

Ford Anglia – £70.00 (and sold it for £100)

Dream car?

Ford powered Beach Buggy (and location to go with it)

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