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According to the BVRLA, the government is giving serious consideration to abolishing the tax disc.

The BVRLA has been campaigning for the Department for Transport to axe the tax disc for a number of years as part of a wider streamlining of DVLA services. Once used as a visible means of demonstrating that a vehicle has been taxed, the disc is no longer required because this can instantly be confirmed by accessing DVLA computers.

“It is great that the Red Tape Challenge we participated in last year is continuing to bring results,” said BVRLA chief executive, John Lewis.

“We estimate that removing this pointless piece of paper would save the government around £90m a year and produce major administrative cost savings for dealers and fleet operators as well.”

The tax disc proposals were contained within a Department for Transport consultation on the future direction of the Driving Standards Agency, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and the Vehicle Certification Agency.