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MAN Euro 6 for UK in First Quarter of 2014 | IAA Hannover 2012

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Production of the smart-looking Euro 6 MAN models will not start fully until September 2013 when the whole range will be replaced, from the TGL to the TGX.  We won’t see right hand drive examples in the UK until into 2014.

MAN has combined EGR and SCR “in an intelligent manner” which means that the Euro 6 trucks will have the same fuel consumption as the current Euro 5 and the same service intervals

The popular “Efficientline” brand (12,000 sold Europe wide so far) will be retained at Euro 6, as will the fuel economy improvement over the standard model – MAN quote a 3 litre per 100 km saving.

MAN have managed to keep the weight off the Euro 6 model so that the weight differential between their trucks and the competition has widened.  Adblue consumption is down by 50% compared to Euro 5 MAN TGX trucks.

Unlike other manufacturers who have started at the top of their ranges and have yet to introduce Euro 6 lower down the weight range, MAN have revealed their whole range of trucks in Euro 6 form.

The company believes that operators are unlikely to pay the ‘extra 10%’ to trade up from Euro 5 to Euro 6, even if the R&M contract price remains the same.  Europe wide, MAN have made the commitment that repair & maintenance prices will be held when the new Euro 6 trucks arrive.

MAN in the UK must be doing something right, since 2011 was their best year ever, by almost any measure, most trucks sold, best turnover, best finance sales – the list seems to go on.  The finance sales penetration on new trucks has now reached 60% and 50% for new truck sales.

MAN TGX Euro 6 2013


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