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A SAFER VOLVO TRUCK? Watch the Video

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Volvo FH 2013 model crash test

Thousands of simulated collision tests and about 100 real crash tests have allowed Volvo Trucks’ engineers to develop a stronger and safer cab for the new FH than any previous model.

“We’ve used new technology, new materials and everything we’ve learned since our most recent new cab to build an even safer truck,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks, “And the result is the world’s safest Volvo truck.”

For instance, high-strength materials such as dual-phase steel have been used in collision-absorbing beams and in the doors. The cab too uses the strongest steel available today for body panelling – ultra-high-strength, thermoset, press-moulded boron steel.

“By using these new grades of steel we can build a stronger cab without increasing its weight. This way, we enhance safety without compromising on payload capacity,” says Robert Ritzén, head of materials in the new cab.

Several changes in the cab’s structure also boost safety. The cab is now larger since the A-pillars are more upright, creating more room inside the cab for the driver. The door and floor structure has also been altered to provide the best possible protection in a collision and the windscreen is now bonded into place.

“Previously the windscreen served as an emergency exit, but now the roof hatch plays that role,” says Carl Johan Almqvist.

The Front Under-run Protection System (FUPS) is designed to prevent a passenger car from becoming wedged under the truck in a frontal collision. The protection system in the new Volvo FH represents a major step forward from the safety viewpoint.

“Volvo already fits an energy-absorbing under-run protection system as standard, but now we have succeeded in improving and reinforcing the system – yet without increasing its weight,” says Almqvist.

“The truck has several new features that protect the driver against break-ins. Amongst other things, you can activate the truck’s perimeter lighting using the remote control on the key fob or deter any potential thieves by activating the truck’s horn,” explains Almqvist..

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