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|Scot Seats | Continue To Go From Strength To Strength|

WMS Warranty

Scot Seats continue to go from strength to strength offering Britain’s biggest range of tested seats for commercial vehicles installed by their team of 8 authorised fitters.

 Fitting nationwide they will certificate each vehicle for insurance company purposes. From single vehicles to full fleets, fitting can be arranged at dealer’s premises, coachworks, docks or even at your own home. Scot seats would like to take this chance to explain the rules of fitting additional seats to a commercial vehicle. Firstly all seats must be tested and certificated, you may fit tested seats to any commercial vehicle after registration however if seats have to be fitted before registration they have to be crash tested in a vehicle at a cost of £5,000 plus a body shell which we can acquire on your behalf.

The main point is that you can legally fit extra seats to your customer’s vehicles. As of April 2013 tested bulkheads will have to be fitted, not just a ply bulkhead. The bulkheads will have to be certificated and tested to 50% of the payload of the vehicle. Scot Seats are producing a full range of bulkhead frames to supply wood liners, coachworks, dealers, construction companies and the public

The bulkheads in conjunction with our tested seats and under floor strength mean you will be buying a fully tested package for your customer’s vehicles. Dealers and bodybuilders can be trained to fit Scot Seats products and then they can issue our safety certificates with free training being given at the Scot Seats factory.