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We manufacture, supply and fit modular vehicle racking & storage solutions from a basic system right through to a custom design complete with accessories and specialist equipment including flooring & linings, lighting, on-board power, heaters, steps & tow bars, locks & security devices, roof vents, roof racks & pipe tubes as well as corporate livery.


Integration means combining parts so that they work together and forms a whole, which up until now has not been as easy as it sounds. Making a vehicle racking system where every part contributes to fulfilling contrasting demands is a tough challenge. Or rather it was.

Tevo’s new Modul-System is the world’s first totally integrated racking system, which is based on modules which can be completely customised. It is extremely light-weight yet durable and safe with a stylish look that still matches the vehicle interior. The list goes on. You don’t have to give anything up therefore you always get the best of both worlds.

 The objective behind the design is simple but nevertheless sophisticated: Every module is based on a patented T-shaped high-strength steel profile with the ideal measurement of 27mm x 27 mm. This paves the way for endless racking combinations, taking modularity further than ever. The T-shaped profile also allows seemly and secure attachment of accessories.

What does your hammer 
weigh at 56 MPH?

The first question is why you should fit a racking system in your vehicle in the first place. The exact answer depends mainly on the type of equipment you carry in your vehicle. However, there are a few general benefits. Not least when it comes to safety, which is significantly higher when your tools are kept securely in place.

Steer towards better safety

Severe braking may be all that’s needed for your tools to fly around unhindered inside your vehicle. In such a scenario, 
a hammer is guaranteed to weigh a whole lot more than one kilogram. So if you want to protect yourself and your passengers, 
it certainly is time to take a close look at the inside of your van.

And another benefit: tools that don’t rattle around are subjected 
to less wear and tear. So they last longer.

Saved resources mean higher profits

Fed up with looking for disappearing tools? With an in-vehicle racking system it’s easier to find what you need without wasting valuable time.

Build a mobile workshop in your van and it’ll be easier to switch tools to suit each respective assignment. As a result, the van will also be able to be used for several different kinds of assignments. In fact you may also be able to fit in more jobs into each day while at the same time avoiding unplanned trips to fetch missing tools or spare parts.

It’s quite simply about getting the best out of your resources 
– and in that way giving your efficiency a boost. Which in turn 
has a favourable effect on your profitability. You’ll see the results irrespective of whether you are self-employed or represent a large company.

Ergonomics + economy 
= Increased productivity

Having your equipment stowed away neatly on shelves and in drawer units makes for better ergonomics. No difficult lifting. No bending over double to get at a wrench tucked away in the furthest corner. And better ergonomics usually means greater productivity– since sickness absenteeism owing to strain-related injuries can be reduced.

In the previous section we talked about saving time. That usually results in a smoother work-flow and less stress – and therefore also a lower risk of burned-out employees and sickness absenteeism.

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