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Sangfor’s range of WAN Optimisation solutions delivers significant improvement in WAN performance for all types and sizes of business. From an entry-level product offering 6 Mbps optimised bandwidth and up to 300 optimised connections through to 155 Mbps and 15,000 connections for the top of the range product, all businesses and budgets are catered for. Sangfor’s solutions can realistically achieve 30-60% reduction in data transmitted, bandwidth utilisation increases of 30-80% and data transfers up to 60 times faster. The result is a more efficient WAN and higher productivity from users.

 Up to 15,000 Connections

The Sangfor WAN Optimisation series supports up to 15,000 optimised connections that provide formidable performance with exceptional value. The range of products is ideal for any type and size of organisation, including larger enterprises, data providers, cloud service providers and SMEs.

Fast Response

Accelerate processing and data transmission speeds for your remote branches and mobile users to give them ‘LAN like’ performance. All users get the same high level of performance, no matter where they are or how they connect to the WAN.

 Guaranteed User Experience

Ensure users have unrestricted performance for business critical traffic by allocating a high processing priority. All important applications are provided with sufficient bandwidth and high speed links to make sure they complete on time while those of lesser importance receive fewer resources

 A Smart Investment

Why upgrade your network when you can optimise your current investment? Sangfor WAN Optimisation delivers greater performance at far less cost. This saves on expensive and disruptive upgrades to the WAN infrastructure, ensuring greater return on investment from your existing resources.


Sangfor’s intelligent Quality of Service module ensures business-critical applications have sufficient priority and adequate resources so they are processed on time. Non-essential traffic is assigned a lower priority so it does not impede jobs that are more important.


Slow and bandwidth-intensive applications are speeded up to minimise their impact on the network. Sangfor WAN Acceleration Proxies optimise network resources and make applications run much faster.


Use Sangfor’s comprehensive network management tools to identify inefficiencies in network resources. Data traffic is logged, analysed and reported so that network administrators can focus on bandwidth abuse, bottlenecks and applications that use a disproportionate amount of network resources.


Since traffic flows and problem areas are identified accurately, you can set up policies and rules to ensure network traffic is properly controlled. This is achieved through easy-to-use and unified controls that ensure traffic is delivered when and where it is needed.

Reporting for your Network

The regular availability of targeted reports means you gain detailed network knowledge about applications and user habits. As a result, you can implement intelligent network resource management that makes your WAN perform much better.

A Greener Alternative

By optimising your existing resources rather than expanding the capacity of the WAN, you reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment. Not only do you prevent any increase in your carbon footprint, you also save a considerable amount of money so you get a financial bonus from being green

Acceleration Anywhere

Enable your mobile workforce to connect to the WAN at near LAN speeds from anywhere and at any time. Sangfor’s PACC client also cuts mobile service charges by achieving a significant reduction in the volume of data that is transmitted.

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