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DAF Launches Bodybuilding Website

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DAF Trucks is launching a bodybuilder information website ( especially designed for the bodybuilding industry.

The online platform is available in ten languages and provides bodybuilders in all details and guidelines they need to efficiently build on a DAF chassis. Once a truck leaves the factory, it often travels straight to a bodybuilder that installs a specific superstructure, such as a tipper or cargo body, or to mount a loading crane or support legs.

In order to provide optimum support to these bodybuilder companies in their assembly and bodybuilding work, the new website includes detailed chassis drawings, specification sheets and bodybuilding guidelines. Bodybuilders can also consult grid views that can be used when applying striping, logos and the transport company branding to the vehicle.

The website aims to support the bodybuilding industry to help in creating the best solutions in the most efficient way. This is why users can also download CAD files from the website that can be used in bodywork development, and 3D files have been created that allow the transport operator to see exactly how the finished truck will look like on the road.

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