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| Vanstyle | The UK’s Largest Supplier Of Van Styling Accessories|

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Vanstyle are the UK’s largest importer and distributor of van styling accessories.


Offering everything from stainless steel products to load rated alloy wheels and tyres, these guys have everything you need to make your van stand out from the crowd.

The company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and are looking forward to a successful 2012.

“The van market is growing all of the time. More and more people are recognising the versatility of owning a van, whether they want it to be their workhorse, their family runabout or their mobile holiday home” says Vanstyle General Manager Steve Giles.

Whilst they are predominantly an online business, a growing number of Vanstyle clients are buying on site at their Nottinghamshire base.

“Our premises not only allow us to hold a vast quantity of stock, but also incorporate a fitting bay. This means we can offer a fitting service for our customers and as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations we’ve made our fitting service free of charge for 2012”.

In what are tough economical times where companies are falling by the way side, Vanstyle have bucked the trend and are continuing to grow. “The company was purchased by new owners in April 2010 and with their input, investment into the infrastructure of the business and the knowledge and hard work of the existing workforce, we’ve been able to keep moving forward.”

As well as styling accessories, which make your van look more exciting, Vanstyle also offer a range of more ‘practical’ products such as ply-lining kits, roof racks, sidebars and bumper protectors. “We have our retail customers and our van conversion trade customers, but we’re finding that our products have an appeal to fleet companies too.” said Giles.

 “Having vans off the road for repair work is costly and inefficient. A set of sidebars can prevent collision damage, a bumper protector will look after the paintwork when loading and unloading the van and a ply-lining kit will protect the interior trim and help to retain the re-sale value of the van.”


For more information on the products available from Vanstyle, head to their website or contact them on 01623 797358.