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The FIA has verified Boije Ovebrink’s world record run with his ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck. Boije Ovebrink commented. “No record feels entirely real until you get the diploma in your hand. The world record is the result of excellent teamwork between me and Volvo’s engineers. We’re all true enthusiasts.”

It was on June 28th this year that Boije Ovebrink beat the world record with Mean Green at Hultsfred Airfield, Sweden. The first record, the standing 500-metre sprint, was measured at 115.347 km/h while his second one, the standing 1000 metre event, recorded an average speed of 152.252 km/h. Boije Ovebrink already holds the standing kilometre world record for trucks with conventional diesel drivelines, at an average speed of 166.698 km/h. His terminal speed in all his record-breaking runs was above 250 km/h.

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