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Scania Complete Skiploaders for MID UK Recycling

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Sleaford, Lincolnshire-based MID UK Recycling Limited has added two Scania P Series Skiploaders to its collection fleet.

Scania P-Series Skiploader

Scania P-Series Skiploader

Supplied by Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s Boston depot, the trucks bear the name Mountain, a well-known brand in the area, and are now operating on the collection of waste and recyclable materials from the company’s commercial, domestic and local authority customers.

“We’re a long-established Scania user and as such know them to be reliable and more than capable of withstanding the daily rigours of waste management and recycling  operations,” says MID UK Recycling’s Operations Director Nick Mountain.  “They are also popular with our drivers, who like them both for their comfort and the fact they perform well operationally-speaking.   We also get excellent service from our local Scania dealer and good residuals when we come to sell our vehicles on.

“The Scania Complete Skiploader is a good package all-round.  Buying the vehicle together with its bodywork from Scania not only cuts out the need to deal with sub-suppliers but gives us peace of mind.  That’s because with Scania behind it we can count on the quality, which means we can relax a bit!”

MID UK Recycling’s Scania Complete Skiploader is based on a 3.9-metre wheelbase Scania P 230 4×2 chassis featuring a nine-litre, 230 horsepower Scania Euro 5 EGR engine and an eight-speed Scania GR875 range-change gearbox.

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