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 Clean Diesel Teconologies – Many customers looking for LEZ solutions for the January 2012 deadline are worried that they no longer have enough time. But Surrey-based LEZ-approved supplier Clean Diesel Technologies tells us that their lead-times are short and the company can still ensure their customers are ready for the LEZ regulations that come into force on January 3.

“Customers  have been impressed  with how quickly we  are able to update their vehicles and it is not  at the expense of price or quality,” said MD, Dan Skelton.

 “As well as finding a timely solution, it’s also important to be sure you are fitting the right technology to your customers’ vehicles. It is not just the up-front cost to be considered, but as important is  ‘low cost of ownership’ for the  full life of the vehicle.”

 Dan Skelton also offered some last-minute advice: “At this stage it is important to get your order in quickly! But people also need to understand the risks associated with using the wrong technology. Throughout the purchasing decision, operators should look carefully at what is being fitted and whether it will last. A well cared for system can last the lifetime of the vehicle, so don’t always go for the lowest upfront cost; instead, look at the costs over the product lifetime”.

 Clean Diesel firmly believes in this and its current marketing campaign encourages customers to make sure they are not being hoodwinked into thinking otherwise. It’s prepared to support this too, warranting many systems for 3 years – the longest in the industry.

 The company believes that its Silicon Carbide Substrate products are more cost-efficient, and demonstrate higher reliability and durability on the road than the competition. Clean Diesel markets an upgradeable range of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems in its ‘Purifier e4TM family of products. This combines patented modern durable filter hardware with the most advanced catalytic technologies and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications from light duty vans to heavy duty transporters.

 This family of products enables easy upgrade to more advanced systems for future changes in vehicle operating cycles. To monitor performance, Clean Diesel’s iAD diagnostic system logs DPF condition and fuel additive dosing.  Where any operational issue is identified, the iAD system sends a text message to a pre-determined number to warn the operator of the problem. Should DPF cleaning still be required, it is usually taken care of with an exchange filter scheme. 

 As a global supplier of Low Emission Control Solutions, Clean Diesel has all the specialist knowledge to help and advise with regard to the London Low Emission Zone that comes into force January 3 2012.

A recent example of a Clean Diesel success story is with, Ontime Recovery, the largest independent rescue and recovery operator in the UK (see general news page 25).

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To tempt dealers and operators further to using their systems, Clean Diesel is offering up to 35% off list price on Diesel Particulate Filter Systems.