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Armaplate UK Ltd was formed in 1996 by former fleet-managers who were well aware of the problems caused by theft-attacks on light commercial vehicles. In an effort to eradicate the problem, they invested heavily in the tooling required to produce the first design.

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All products can be fitted free of charge in the Armaplate workshops in Horwich.

Initially, lock protection systems were designed for the Ford Transit, but it quickly became apparent that other vans were equally vulnerable and now virtually all the popular vehicles on the market are catered for.

For the first few years, all installation was carried out in-house, but it then steadily built up into a network of franchisees, agents and distributors, spread across the UK, ready to provide customers with the first class service that they have come to expect from Armaplate.

As leaders in the LCV security market, Armaplate products have been chosen by many Blue Chip companies including British Gas, Tesco, Kwik-Fit, United Utilities, Transco, Environment Agency, Geopost, DPD, City Link and divisions of the Metropolitan Police.


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Many of our customers who carry high-value cargo or who work in very high-risk areas, choose to install Armaplate Sentinels and additional locks.
We are able to offer the very highest quality locks on the market so whatever you require, give us a call.
SlamLocks are perfect for fleet-operators who’s drivers frequently need to get in and out of the vehicle during the course of the day.
Deadlocks are mechanical devices fitted to vehicle doors. They operate by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key.

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The Guardian offers excellent value for money and is well suited to the owner-driver who doesn’t carry high-value cargo.
Made from high-grade stainless steel, these security plates act as a strong visual deterrent and are incredibly easy to fit.
The plates are bonded to the door of the vehicle using a VERY HIGH BOND adhesive made by 3MTM providing extreme adhesion.
The Guardian can also be used as an effective repair to doors which have already suffered a theft-attack, saving hundreds of pounds in bodyshop fees.


The Armaplate Sentinel is our flagship product, offering you the ultimate level of security for your vehicle.
Whether a fleet-operator or an owner-driver, this is the product for you if you carry valuable cargo or if you cannot afford to have your vehicle off the road for a single day!
The Sentinel effectively provides a barrier of 3 layers of steel to protect the lock mechanism from attack.
This is a FIT & FORGET device which requires no input from the driver and there’s no extra keys to manage.


This unique and patented step is the first of its kind. It provides safety and security in a single step! Made from high quality materials and built to ISO9001 standards, it will provide many years of service. The step is made from light and rust-free aluminium and the frame is zinc-plated, polyester coated steel. The step is fitted with a top quality anti-pick lock barrel to provide high levels of security and trouble-free operation. Parking sensors can be fitted as an optional extra.


This is the UK’s biggest selling anti-theft device for catalytic converters. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel and uses high security anti-tamper fixings. ArmaCats come with a lifetime guarantee and work by encasing the CAT or DPF in stainless-steel. With ArmaCat fitted, the thief is presented with a formidable barrier which could only be overcome with special tools and takes considerable effort, (not to mention a whole lot of noise). Without ArmaCat, it takes less than 60 seconds to remove a cat/dpf!

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