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 Pallet operators who use vans are typically in a hurry, which means that loading times are critical.  Loading systems manufacturer, Joloda International, have an answer to safe, fast loading of pallets onto vans.

VanlodaThere isn’t much freight moved onto airplanes that doesn’t travel over one of Joloda’s loading systems and the company leads in other industries where speed and safety of loading is critical.  Joloda design, manufacture and install a wide cross-section of manual and automatic truck-loading systems from factories in Liverpool, Anglesey, Holland and USA since 1969

It is this background that led the company to develop a loading system to make child’s play of loading pallets into panel vans without damaging the load, vehicle or driver. 

The company’s Vanloda system turns a standard panel van into a near self-loading conveyer belt in minutes.

Like all good ideas, the system is incredibly simple.  One or two lightweight cassettes are slid along the floor of the van and can be installed by the driver with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench in about half an hour. 

Plug the system into the cigarette lighter to power the 12V compressor and the driver can raise or lower the rollers on which the load will travel.  With the rollers in the ‘up’ position, the driver can easily push the load from the outside of the vehicle and it will reach the front effortlessly.  Subsequent pallets can be loaded in the same manner.   The system is fixed to the van’s original lashing points, which the driver also uses to secure the load down.joloda-vanloda

This means that a LWB van can be loaded without the need for a pallet truck or using the brute force of a forklift pushing the load and often damaging the van in the process.

Once all pallets are loaded, the driver flicks the switch and the rollers submerge so the load is sitting flat on the floor and can be safely secured.

Depending on the type of work the operator carries out, the system can be left in the van all the time or removed to allow the van to carry out other duties.

Joloda has been awarded the TUV Nord approval certification mark for their “Vanloda” System. TUV accredited, at home and abroad people associate this certification with safety, reliability and quality.

The Vanloda floor is now in operation across a number of market segments, from aero engine component logistics to novelty goods and paper/print deliveries with sales in UK, USA and EEC

Fits Vans from Vivaro Upwards

The Vanloda comes with a master unit of a standard 2.2m length which is perfect for the short wheel base Vito/Transporter to suit the medium wheel base vans – to suit today’s long wheel-based vans there is an extension that means that up to four pallets can be loaded quickly onto one van.

The width of the system at 1235mm means that it will fit into an L1H1 Dispatch/Expert/Scudo, a Mercedes-Benz Vito, VW Transporter or Vivaro/Trafic, which means that two pallets can be safely loaded with a loss of just 100kg on the payload. 

The units weigh in at around 100kg for the master unit – add another 50kg for the first 1m slave and an extra 50kg if your long wheel base van can accommodate 4.2 metre load length.

Trade Sales – Become a Distributor

If a customer who works with pallets is buying a van, asking how they load the vans may give you an opportunity to show them a faster and safer way of doing their job.  The savings in terms of time and reduction in damage to the rear and sides of the van should make the Vanloda system pay off in no time – especially as it is not fitted into the van and could be used in replacement vehicles over the course of many years. 

The retail prices of the systems start at just over the two thousand pounds mark and with a generous trade discount a good few hundred pounds could come your way for selling each system – more profit than in the van itself!

Available from stock, the Vanloda system could be a useful product in your portfolio – especially if you specialise in long wheel base vans to ‘panic pallet’ operators.



Keeping their products going is important in the time-critical industries Joloda works in.  This has resulted in a 24-hour spares supply and commitment by the company to after sales service in the eighteen countries that the company operates.

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