New Efficient Allison Auto

New Efficient Allison Auto Allison Transmission has unveiled a new fully automatic transmission for tractor units at the 2011 Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky. The innovative gearbox, set to debut in North America in late 2012, has been designed specifically to maximise productivity and fuel efficiency during both cruising and stop-start operation. As the first powershifting, twin countershaft design for commercial vehicles, the transmission incorporates Allison’s torque converter technology to deliver uninterrupted power to the wheels. This functionality delivers productivity and fuel efficiency to stop-and-go portions of a route, while the 10-speed countershaft architecture offers superior fuel economy during cruising on highways. “Initial in-vehicle tests have shown worthwhile gains in fuel economy, and we achieved increases in vehicle miles-per-workday,” says Lou Gilbert, Allison Transmission’s Director of North American Market Development. “Our rigorous testing has also shown this new transmission offers better fuel economy than an automated manual in the targeted duty cycle markets for which it was developed.”

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Article by Jason Hodge Editor

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